Aw, another sunny day, thank goodness.  It's hard to take pictures when it's icky and raining but they worked for us this time...yay!  Rachel had some senior pictures done and just didn't like them so she asked me to do them which of course, I wanted to badly.
How absolutely beautiful is this young lady??  She makes it easy for my to take beautiful photos.
The sun hasn't been out for months, it's been dreary and sad and then for about 2 hours a little over a week ago, there it is....the sun!  So off we went to take some awesome pictures.
The session was great, we had a lot of fun experimenting with different poses, lots of smiles, lots of laughter.  Look at them, can you not tell they are in love?  It's beautiful.
These shoes, oh these shoes.  She has been wanting a pair of these for along time and what happens?  Bam!  He buys them for her!  How cute is that??  She loves them and had to wear them for this session.
I have known this sweet little girl since the day that she was born, she is beautiful and so sweet.  Her birthday party was a lot of, it was even warm enough to go outside and play, thank goodness, it was getting stuffy inside.

Her cake was a simple, yummy, white cake, I wanted some it looked so scrumptious.  Once Ronnie got it figured out, she lovedddd! it, icing everywhere.
This was the least of it but I love this picture so much that I just had to use it.
This girl knows how to dig in!  Yum!!